Stinky Press is an up and coming publisher of children’s picture books, founded in 2008, our mission at stinky press publishing is to make available quality children’s books with a strong story line and evocative illustrations —imaginative and colorful tales to be read out loud by parents or under a blanket with a flash light by kids— books which we hope will contribute to the growth and enjoyment of children and adults alike. Come and take a look at our books. Your kids will love them!

The last orchard (Hardcover Children's Picture Book). Written by Naty Osa and illustrated by Javier Dura
The Last OrchardNEW BOOK!! THE LAST ORCHARD blurs the boundaries between dreams and reality. It is a delightful story about the family of the earth: people, animals, beautiful trees and how interconnected they are. Each needs the other to thrive and survive. Read More...
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Grandma's Lost Her Head (Hardcover Children's Picture Book). Written by Naty Osa and illustrated by Javier Dura

Grandmas lost her head Naty Osa's latest book, Grandma's Lost Her Head, entertains, warms the heart, and very subtly tells a tale of optimism and tenacity in the face of adversity. Lovingly told and brilliantly illustrated by her son, Javier Dura, ...Read More...

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"This book will interest both young people as well as the many
adults who are acting as caregivers to elderly parents.
We believe It is an important book"
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La Abuelita Ha Perdido La Cabeza (Libro Infantil Ilustrado). Spanish Edition. Naty Osa e Ilustrado por Javier Dura  
La Abuelita ha perdido la cabezaSpanish Edition!! El último libro de Naty Osa, La abuelita ha perdido la cabeza, entretiene al mismo tiempo que enternece y, con sutileza, cuenta la vida diaria de una familia que se enfrenta a la adversidad con optimismo y tenacidad. Narrado con cariño y bellamente ilustrado por su hijo, Javier Durá,  ...Lee más...
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Billy the Pig: the stinkiest cowboy in town (Hardcover Children's Picture Book). Naty Osa and Illustrations Javier Dura
Billy the pig
Billy the Pig won't take a bath and people are beginning to talk about how bad he smells. He is happy being a pig, he says, and pigs don't take baths.  Billy, however, wants to participate in the bee-roping competition at the local rodeo.  Trouble ensues when he goes to register for the rodeo at the Town Hall.  The mayor faints from the smell.  Will Billy take a bath?  Come on a happy adventure with Billy the Pig, Mama Bear, Larry the Lamb, and Flippy the Fly.
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"Billy the pig brings home the bacon!",
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