Why publish, why now when the economy is in a slump and “no one is reading?” Because we care. Because we remember the pleasure of sitting beside a loved parent or older sibling as they read us a story. Because we still remember that one special book that transformed our lives. Because when it is too hot (or too cold) to play outside and your friends are all busy, you can curl up with a book and go anywhere your heart desires. Stinky press is an up and coming publisher of children’spicture books, founded in 2008, our mission at stinky press publishing is to make available quality children’s books with a strong story line and evocative illustrations —imaginative and colorful tales to be read out loud by parents or under a blanket with a flash light by kids— books which we hope will contribute to the growth and enjoyment of children and adults alike. We at Stinky Press Publishing feel that today’s brain numbing-multimedia-frenzied “x-boxed” world has left children with little room to express their own creative visions. What could be better than a good story which challenges them to think critically and inspires them to act creatively?
You will find in pur catalog such titles as "Billy the Pig: The Stinkiest Cowboy in Town" (Stinky Press, 2009), "Grandma's Lost Her Head" and "La Abuelita ha perdido la cabeza" (Spanish and English Editions) published in Feburary of 2011. The forthcoming title The Last Orchad, will be available in May 2013. Future projects, such as Gatos Monsters (projected for Spring of 2014), How the Fish Got His Tail, Me my Monkey and I, Billy the Pig in Space are starting to take shape. We hope we can contribute with our books to the growth and enjoyment of children and adults alike. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Come and take a look at our books. Your kids will love them!


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