Grandma's lost her head, by Naty Osa, illustrated by Javier Dura
I ran across your beautiful book at Avenue 9 Gallery on the art tour weekend. I was so touched by it, I just stood there and read it cover to cover and then I bought one to share with my family.
The illustrations by Javier are wonderful, too, and you handled the subject so beautifully and with such sensitivity. I am sure you have struck a chord with many readers.
I just ordered "Grandma's Lost Her Head" on Tuesday afternoon and the book arrived yesterday in my post office box.  I am thrilled with the book--it is beautiful, was just what I was looking for and I can't believe how quickly it arrived.  Just happened to see the link in the Chico News and Review so went online to Gallery 9.
Thank you so much!
Sue Lightell


I have recently had the pleasure of reading “Grandma’s Lost Her Head”, and found it to be most excellent.  It was a wonderful way to explain a very difficult condition to small children in a non-threatening and understandable way. I liked the book so much, I shared it with a co-worker whose family is going through this same situation.  The family’s physician actually explained it as having their mother-in-laws head filled with Swiss cheese with holes in it, too!  On good days the woman can access the cheese and on bad days there is nothing to access and it is the holes. The illustrations are fantastic, and I think would especially appeal to children because of the vibrant colors and whimsicalness.  I am very impressed with this book, and will share it with anyone I know who is experiencing this kind of situation with their loved ones.
Thank you,
La abuelita ha perdido la cabeza, by Naty Osa, illustrated by Javier Dura (Spanish edition of Grandma's lost her head)
La narración del cuento está basada en un hecho real de la vida pero presentada en una forma amena y simpática que despierta el interés de seguirlo leyendo. Las ilustraciones son muy artísticas y llenas de un fuerte colorido. Es un arte creado por el autor, el cual nadie podría imitarlo.


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