How the fish got its tail

NEW! Ebook and Print. Find a copy on most major retail on-line book stores, or order directly through you local book shop. We all love stories. Children, particularly. We tell stories and we listen to stories. Stories are universal. They help us understand the world and our place in it. In “How the Fish Got His Tail,” Grandpa tells Bobi and the jelliballs, now living deep in a dark corner of the ocean, stories which have been passed down through the generations. He talks of a long-ago world inhabited by colorful creatures of all shapes and sizes. His stories capture the imagination of his listeners, Bobi in particular, who one day dreams of a world renewed and decides he will swim to the surface to find it.

How the fish got its tail
Natividad Osa (author) and Javier Dura (illustrator)
English – Children’s Story Book –
11.000″ x 8.500” (216mm x 280mm) 82 pp
Paperback. Perfect Bound
Stinky Press Publishing (Release March 2023)
ISBN-13: 978-0-9890898-1-4


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